Welcome to the KoolKat Kommunity Membership Guide! Join today and you can get your paws on exclusive facts and purr-fect piccies, friend other feline fans and even meow to the other members on our cool CatChat forums! 
1) No spamming on any of the forums
2) No posting Add Me on any of the forums other than the Add Me forum
3) No innapropriate or bad language
4) No advertising
5) No cat hating (ex. "I hate cats!")
6) No talking about other animals or subjects on the forums
These rules aren't here to scare you, just to make KoolKats a great place for everyone. However, if you break one of these rules you will recieve a warning. Recieve 5 warnings and your account and all other future accounts on the site will be permanently deleted. We're sorry that this is really necesarry but this is a family friendly website so be careful!

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How To Become A Member

1) Use the button on this page to visit the KoolKat Kommunity. Then click the blue join button.
2) Fill in the membership form. TIP: Try choosing a picture of your cat from your files or even a cat from the Internet. It'll help your friends regognise you and let other members know what kind of cat you have!
3) Click 'Create Account' to complete your membership form.
4) You've joined! Enjoy your membership.